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Here is the demo of how our gamecast rolled...
During the NFL seasons of 06, 07 and 2008, the Serious Fans covered 27 Cleveland Browns games with our own brand of fan perspective. 

Serious Fans was intended for the "relocated" Browns fan who wanted to reconnect with like minded people and get an adult version of play by play and extra colorful commentary of their favorite team. Kind of like watching the game with your buddies when they aren't around.

The show was a live 3 hour internet radio broadcast from the decrepit studios of the now defunct

We believed that rather than chasing an uninterested audience in Europe that the NFL should simply offer a separate channel / method of coverage than what has always been around, ex-jocks in suits talking about teams they have no real interest in. 

Every team could have its own band of rabid fans covering the games in a way more entertaining and interactive manner than we now have. The NFL Network could have even made a reality show out of the contest to find each teams representatives a la American Idol. 

​Despite our enthusiasm the NFL was very unenthusiastic about our idea and the method we choose to demonstrate it to them. We got a C&D from the NFL's law firm the day after we presented this idea to them (very scary) and immediately stopped entertaining our audience.

Its still a great idea and this page will be kept up as a reminder for when they finally get around to  coming up with the idea themselves.

Comedy Shorts , training camp coverage and game day interviews were used in social media starting in 2006 to create an audience for the show.
This is our original pitch video sent to Sirius Radio back in 2005.
Additional Serious Fan video can be seen HERE and HERE